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Carne Seca A New Mexican Traditional Flavor

Is Carne Seca the same as Beef Jerky? Carne Seca in Spanish means dried meat.  Carne Seca can indeed be the same as beef jerky if that jerky is marinated and not too dry. Many in Mexico and the southwestern states use the terms interchangably.  Served on it’s on, carne seca looks like beef jerky… Read more »

Orange Teriyaki is a Winner with Guest Reviewer

  Guest Blogger / Reviewer Kerry Clear is a long time lover of beef jerky especially teriyaki flavors.  As a soldier in the army and an EMT for over 18 years (Albuquerque Ambulance and Superior Ambulance) , portable snacks that were healthy and easy to carry were a must.  Now 49 years old, Kerry, is… Read more »

Jerky. The New Chips.

What? Jerky is replacing chips as the most popular snack food? Well not completely, but the chip market is slowing and jerky is growing about twice as fast. Americans are spending more money on meat snacks like jerky, than on popcorn or corn chips. Meat snacks is now the 2nd favorite American snack. And we… Read more »


It’s time for the holidays and of course, we want you to stock up on lots of beef jerky from our store and ordering online.  But mostly we’d like to be thankful for all our customers.   2016 has been a difficult year, from the passing of so many icon’s like Prince and Bowie, to… Read more »

101 Reasons to Eat Beef Jerky from Jerky By Art.

Here at Jerky By Art, we tend to think of all the reasons you could – AND SHOULD – be eating our beef jerky.  To be honest, we’re not going to share 101 reasons with you all at once.  Mostly because you won’t read them. Here are the most popular reasons:   #1 Just because.  (You… Read more »

Jerky: Protein for Cyclists and Runners

Weight lifting, cross fit, MMA, all these types of work outs know that beef is a good source of protein. But cyclists and Runners tend to lean towards fish and milk.  The reason given is that a big ole juicy steak comes along with fat.  So what’s a cyclist to do when you’re craving beef?… Read more »

Back To School

It’s time for back to school, notebooks and pencils, paper and folders.  New clothes and shoes and jerky.  Wait. What?  Jerky? Yeah.  Jerky. Jerky is a great option for back to school.  It’s high in protein, little to no carbohydrates. It’s also has little to no sugar, depending on the flavor.  Your kids will have… Read more »


We’re very happy we got a good review from “Jerky Reviews” at! We sent three flavors of our jerky to Steve at  Best Beef Jerky and he chose our green chile flavor to review.  Thank you Steve for your critique of our product.  We’re glad you liked it.   A little about Steve in his own… Read more »

Dad and Jerky on Father’s Day

We think it’s pretty much a given that dads like beef jerky.   With Father’s Day coming up Sunday June 19th, you should probably get some online, or stop in the store.   But is that really all you want to do for your dad is give him the most delicious treat imaginable (in our… Read more »

How Jerky By Art is Going to Save Your Summer

Memorial Day is right around the corner, the unofficial start of summer.  Time to be more active, the kids are home from school, trips and visits and more.   Jerky By Art is going to save your summer. 5 Tips for Saving Summer with Jerky By Art Summer School, Day Camp The kids! After a… Read more »