Back To School

It’s time for back to school, notebooks and pencils, paper and folders.  New clothes and shoes and jerky.  Wait. What?  Jerky?

Yeah.  Jerky.

Jerky is a great option for back to school.  It’s high in protein, little to no carbohydrates. It’s also has little to no sugar, depending on the flavor.  Your kids will have a healthy snack, a snack they like, and one that gives them energy without sugars.  Our variety pack includes smaller snack size bags great for sticking in a lunch bag or to have ready for after school.

Jerky and Team Sports

teamsportPerhaps the best way for kids to benefit from jerky is to have it ready for team sports.  Work out blogs, sports celebrities and health blogs all list beef jerky as a great source of protein before and after work outs, team sports, etc.  The lack of sugar and carbohydrates make it such a healthy alternative.   And kids like it.

Sometimes, though you do need to have those carbohydrates for extra energy.  We encourage to make sure those carbohydrates come from good sources, like fruit or oatmeal.

Want to be a little fancier when it’s your turn to bring the snacks for soccer or rugby?  We’ve got a great beef jerky trail mix for you.  It does have a little sugar in it but not too much.

recipe school team trail mix

Feel free to improvise this recipe by trying it with different flavors of jerky, fruit or nuts.  It’s sure to be a people pleaser, easy to make and ready for the game.  One caution, check for nut allergies before sharing with the team.  Another healthy alternative is to switch out the white choolate chips with yogurt chips or yogurt covered fruit.

While we could eat beef jerky every day, we know your kids might want a little variety.  Here’s a Mom and Sports expert approved list of other great school team sport snacks.  (And some of them would be good in your jerky trail mix.)

1. Popcorn
2. Apple slices
3.Orange slices
5.  Pretzels
7.  Grapes
8.  Raisins
9. Granola / Granola bars
10.  Whole wheat peanut butter crackers

Toss the tortilla and potato chips away and give your kids something healthy and delicious, full of the proteins and good carbohydrates they need.

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