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Carne Seca A New Mexican Traditional Flavor

Is Carne Seca the same as Beef Jerky?

carne seca

Carne Seca in Spanish means dried meat.  Carne Seca can indeed be the same as beef jerky if that jerky is marinated and not too dry. Many in Mexico and the southwestern states use the terms interchangably.  Served on it’s on, carne seca looks like beef jerky and is to be eaten with a squeeze of lime and salt to flavor.

Carne Seca is also the name of the meat many Mexican dishes use to fill empanades and tacos. Here the meat is also marinated before dried to encourage more flavor in the dishes it will be used in. So, the answer to the question is, carne seca is beef jerky, and it is not.

Beef jerky can be very dry and thin.  It can be dusty as well, if the flavors have been just opened up in a packet and poured over it during the drying process.  A lot of this jerky gives us real traditional jerky guys a bad name.

At Jerky By Art we use several different methods in creating our flavorful meats, ensuring that none of it is dry.  We cut our jerky farily thick so you won’t find it dry.  And we won’t even DISCUSS opening up some dried up spice flavor packet and pouring it on top.  Well, that’s just not how we do things!

Most of our jerky is marinated, making it very similar to carne seca.  We use a special marinade to get our smokey mesquite flavor.  Some of  jerkies are dipped during the drying process.  And we’re not going to lie to you, we do use some dried spices on our beef.  We rub the delicious flavor in before drying the meat. This makes sure in the drying process that the flavors are imbued in the beef.

In addition to great practices for flavoring our beef, we ensure that it has a great local flavor by sourcing all our chile and beef regionally.   Whether you call it carne seca or beef jerky, we’re happy to serve it to you knowing we’ve used the best available ingrediants to make your mouth water!  Try some today:  Red Chile.


Orange Teriyaki is a Winner with Guest Reviewer


Guest blogger reviews teriyaki posed here with familyGuest Blogger / Reviewer Kerry Clear is a long time lover of beef jerky especially teriyaki flavors.  As a soldier in the army and an EMT for over 18 years (Albuquerque Ambulance and Superior Ambulance) , portable snacks that were healthy and easy to carry were a must.  Now 49 years old, Kerry, is a happily married busy father of two and in middle management of a healthcare managed care company…And still packing some beef jerky in his pocket.



When most people think of beef jerky, some might think of brands like Jack Links or Lowery’s (depending on your age, of course).  But for those of us that eat beef jerky by the pound, we are always on the lookout for something better than mass produced chunks of preformed meat with bits of flavoring.  Whether you are an avid outdoors person, or work in a job that requires long hours with no promise of a break for food – my Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire brothers and sisters, along with those who keep the lights burning and homes heated, we rely on portable, healthy and tasty morsels of meats to pull us through the day.  And now, with the surge of those of us that have taken steps to get healthy in our daily lives, a new group of individuals have found that beef jerky can provide a real “bang for the buck”, protein snacks or meal replacements that are light enough to carry with you, don’t need refrigeration or special precautions, and at least in the case of Jerky by Art, taste great.

I was fortunate enough to stumble across Jerky by Art when it was introduced to me as I was munching on one of my go to brands.  I was asked if I had ever heard of this great shop on San Pedro NE that had the most amazing tasting jerky.  I had not, but was up for the challenge.

Soon after I was presented with a package of Stir Fry flavored beef jerky, along with a package of Orange Teriyaki.  The first thing I noted was the size – good sized pieces of beef, not the preformed chunks or bars I was normally used to seeing.  The size of the package lent itself to multiple portions, not just enough to snack on and go.  It was a moist beef jerky which was a pleasant surprise, as I truly don’t like beef jerky that is dry enough to dehydrate you as you eat it.

orange teriyaki beef jerky

Once I opened the package of Orange Teriyaki, the first thing that hit me was a mouthwatering aroma of teriyaki sauce with a hint of citrus.  I enjoyed the feel of the pliable slice of meat, generously covered with sauce that begged to be tasted.  I took a generous bite and was pleasantly surprised that I had to work that bite off the chunk that I was holding.  No snapping or crumbling like some of the dry jerky out there, but a moist tug of meat that was satisfying not to the taste buds and my teeth when I actually had to chew it.  Each chew brought not only the taste of quality meat, but plenty of flavor as well.  Each bite was as flavorful as the previous one, with an evenly portioned flavoring that had me wanting more with every bite.  I was disappointed that I was full and still had a package and a half still to eat.  The Orange Teriyaki flavor had a sweet aftertaste that was pleasant without being overpowering, definitely ready for a return visit.

The Stir fry was equally delicious, with more of a savory flavor with just a hint of spice.  I am a big fan of both of these flavor profiles, and look forward to sampling the other flavors available.

I would be cautious eating any of the flavored beef jerky’s with light or white colored clothes or gloves, but don’t let that stop you from getting a bag or three and trying them for yourself.  It is well worth the trip to Constitution and San Pedro to try this wonderful addition to the beef jerky market, and I would plan on buying extra for all the people that will try to take yours.

Purchase Orange Teriyaki with this link
Purchase Stir Fry with this link

Jerky. The New Chips.

What? Jerky is replacing chips as the most popular snack food? Well not completely, but the chip market is slowing and jerky is growing about twice as fast. Americans are spending more money on meat snacks like jerky, than on popcorn or corn chips. Meat snacks is now the 2nd favorite American snack.

And we don’t mind a bit! Thank you very much!

chips, popcorn nuts

But if you’re wondering how that happened, it’s thanks to more and more people eating on the go, and wanting healthier snack options. Lives are busier than ever, and people eat more on the go. Not wanting fast food or junk, Jerky makes a nice option. Protein versus carbohydrates, and natural versus preservatives (at least in our jerky).

Often with work outs, after school activities, working late hours, a lot of us are snacking rather than eating full meals. Most portable food for snacking is vegetables, fruit, nuts, by adding jerky can round out the nutrients. And coming to a sort of renaissance for meat snacks, craft jerky is becoming more and more popular. It’s a nice change from the mass produced stick o beef found in your local gas station.

orange teriyaki beef jerky

Our orange teriyaki made on Fridays!

Our beef jerky is regional local beef cut thick. There are no nitrates, no MSG, and less salt than many other manufactured jerky. Carne seca (beef jerky) is a staple in the Southwest and we’re proud to carry on that tradition. In addition to our iconically New Mexican flavors – green chile, green chile lemon, red chile and christmas, we offer some samples around the world with our teriyaki flavors.

We know you have a choice when it comes to your snacks, if you haven’t tried us, we hope you will!


It’s time for the holidays and of course, we want you to stock up on lots of beef jerky from our store and ordering online.  But mostly we’d like to be thankful for all our customers.   2016 has been a difficult year, from the passing of so many icon’s like Prince and Bowie, to the nastiest and most divisive political election we’ve seen in our lifetime.

So, let’s take a moment to think about what we have to be thankful for.

We’d like to thank our team.  Our employees but also our fighter and runner who we sponsor and who help us spread the word about Jerky by Art’s jerky.  And we’d like to thank you, our customers.

To our employees.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making the best beef jerky in Albuquerque.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you Tim Sosa, our UFC fighter and we wish you luck in your upcoming title fight on November 26th.(Click on Tim’s name to go to his facebook page.)Thank you Jayme Hinshaw.  We’re proud to sponsor you on your many journeys.  (click on Jayme’s name to go to her facebook page.) We’re glad that athletes like Tim and Jayme know the benefit of eating jerky for protein for their bodies to keep them strong in the ring and endurance during the run.  Thank you to the other athletes that come into our shop for their jerky fix as well.  We appreciate your business.

Thank you to the customers who come to see us every day.  You are the bread and butter of our business, and we appreciate you.  We hope you’ll continue to stop in, have a sample and take some of our jerky home.

Thank you to our online customers.  So often you are faceless to us, but we remember your name and appreciate our sales from you.  You are the icing on the cake, and we know we are lucky to have you.

Having completed our thankful list, it’s time to simply say:

thankful turkey says Happy Thanksgiving

from the owners and management
at Jerky By Art!

101 Reasons to Eat Beef Jerky from Jerky By Art.

Here at Jerky By Art, we tend to think of all the reasons you could – AND SHOULD – be eating our beef jerky.  To be honest, we’re not going to share 101 reasons with you all at once.  Mostly because you won’t read them.

Here are the most popular reasons:


carton man holding list of reasons#1 Just because.  (You can see that our creativity was  a little slow on building this list.  No reason is considered a bad reason.  They are all equal in our eyes LOL)

#2  We have three locations – Rio Rancho – Albuquerque – Bosque Farms.  (Ok, we’re just going to admit it here.  Reasons 1 & 2 are “popular” because our boss thought of them – but we don’t judge, these are valid reasons).

#9 : Our San Pedro store is on the way to the State Fair Grounds.

# 10 :  The Lobos are playing!  (Which leads us to both reasons #11 The Lobos won!  and #12 The Lobos lost!)

#28 : Our San Pedro store is a Pokemon stop.

# 36:  Cool people like Jayme Hinshaw MMA eat our Jerky.

#42:  Our jerky is fresh.  No preservatives.  No added chemicals.

#50:  Beef Jerky is a great pre-work out food with loads of protein and no fat.  Of course this goes for reason #51: Beef Jerky is a great post work out food with loads of protein and no fat.

#55: Your kid’s Homecoming Dance outfit cost a fortune and it’s not even time for prom!

#66:  Your kid’s team needs healthy snacks after soccer practice.  (Plus the correlating reasons:  #67 You are in charge of snacks for YAFL.  #68 It’s your turn to bring the snacks for rugby.  Well you get the idea for the next 15 reasons, that go for any extra curricular activity where your kids need you to bring the snacks).

#85  Manly yes but I like it too.  Beef jerky is an equal opportunity snack item.

#91 It’s time for Balloon Fiesta! and #92  Balloon Fiesta is over!

quotemark-hiAnd as of today, THE most popular reason to eat Jerky By Art’s beef jerky is:  Reason #47: You’re already tired of pumpkin spice.

Jerky: Protein for Cyclists and Runners

runner-888016_640Weight lifting, cross fit, MMA, all these types of work outs know that beef is a good source of protein.

But cyclists and Runners tend to lean towards fish and milk.  The reason given is that a big ole juicy steak comes along with fat.  So what’s a cyclist to do when you’re craving beef?

Give beef jerky a try. One of the great things about making jerky is that the fat literally falls away! If you’re tired of cereal and milk, a big glass of milk, broiled fish, and want to sink your teeth into some protein, beef jerky can do the trick.  Plus with so many flavors, it’s unlikely that you’ll get tired of it.  A purist?  We have plain Natural jerky and Old Fashioned jerky.

canstockphoto0133419Running a 10k or marathon?  Doing a cycling touring race?  Your muscles need 10 – 20 grams of protein within 30 minutes of crossing that finish line.  Not sure you can make it to the hospitality tent?   Or maybe you’re training and the only thing at the end of the run, is your car.  One of the best things about jerky is it’s portable.  You won’t be carrying around a salmon steak.  Milk will curdle in your car while you’re racing.  Pop in a few bites of your favorite jerky and those muscles can start repairing.  Now, rather than later.

Cyclists and Runners:  Shake up your routine a bit.  Add pure protein, flavorful protein, fat free protein with Jerky By Art  beef jerky.

Back To School

It’s time for back to school, notebooks and pencils, paper and folders.  New clothes and shoes and jerky.  Wait. What?  Jerky?

Yeah.  Jerky.

Jerky is a great option for back to school.  It’s high in protein, little to no carbohydrates. It’s also has little to no sugar, depending on the flavor.  Your kids will have a healthy snack, a snack they like, and one that gives them energy without sugars.  Our variety pack includes smaller snack size bags great for sticking in a lunch bag or to have ready for after school.

Jerky and Team Sports

teamsportPerhaps the best way for kids to benefit from jerky is to have it ready for team sports.  Work out blogs, sports celebrities and health blogs all list beef jerky as a great source of protein before and after work outs, team sports, etc.  The lack of sugar and carbohydrates make it such a healthy alternative.   And kids like it.

Sometimes, though you do need to have those carbohydrates for extra energy.  We encourage to make sure those carbohydrates come from good sources, like fruit or oatmeal.

Want to be a little fancier when it’s your turn to bring the snacks for soccer or rugby?  We’ve got a great beef jerky trail mix for you.  It does have a little sugar in it but not too much.

recipe school team trail mix

Feel free to improvise this recipe by trying it with different flavors of jerky, fruit or nuts.  It’s sure to be a people pleaser, easy to make and ready for the game.  One caution, check for nut allergies before sharing with the team.  Another healthy alternative is to switch out the white choolate chips with yogurt chips or yogurt covered fruit.

While we could eat beef jerky every day, we know your kids might want a little variety.  Here’s a Mom and Sports expert approved list of other great school team sport snacks.  (And some of them would be good in your jerky trail mix.)

1. Popcorn
2. Apple slices
3.Orange slices
5.  Pretzels
7.  Grapes
8.  Raisins
9. Granola / Granola bars
10.  Whole wheat peanut butter crackers

Toss the tortilla and potato chips away and give your kids something healthy and delicious, full of the proteins and good carbohydrates they need.


We’re very happy we got a good review from “Jerky Reviews” at!

We sent three flavors of our jerky to Steve at  Best Beef Jerky and he chose our green chile flavor to review.  Thank you Steve for your critique of our product.  We’re glad you liked it.  

steve-smiling as he does his reviewA little about Steve in his own words:

 ” Beef jerky is my favorite snack food, and it’s been that way since my childhood.  I run an Internet marketing company, and am part owner of an Internet consultant group, and I eat jerky while I work.

So I created this blog as a way to share my thoughts on the various brands and varieties of beef jerky. And not just beef, but flesh from other critters too, like pigs, turkeys, deer, buffalo, clams, etc. Yup, you can actually get clam jerky.”

green chile graphic

Here’s an excerpt of Steve’s review:

“The meat consistency seems excellent, lightly marbleized with very little fat. It’s dry, with a light crunch, but not tough. It actually breaks apart and chews somewhat easily. It’s very much like other jerky brands from New Mexico, highly dry, lightly crunchy, yet still chews down to a steak-like texture.”

You can read the whole review here:   Best Beef Jerky Reviews Jerky By Art

Make Us the Best in the City!

A few months ago we asked you to give us some reviews on Yelp. Thank you to those that were kind enough to review us, we appreciate it.

We’re asking for help again.   We know we’re the best in the city but we need your help to make sure EVERYONE knows!  We’d love to be listed by Albuquerque The Magazine’s Best of List for 2016.   You can help us by voting for us.   Simply click on the link, fill out some minimal information about yourself, then scroll down to Best Beef Jerky category and write us in!

Click to vote:



Dad and Jerky on Father’s Day

We think it’s pretty much a given that dads like beef jerky.   With Father’s Day coming up Sunday June 19th, you should probably get some online, or stop in the store.   But is that really all you want to do for your dad is give him the most delicious treat imaginable (in our humble opinion)?

canstockphoto22103843C’mon, this guy taught you to catch, let you paint his toenails, sat at your tea parties and little league games.  He watched all the soccer games and yelled at the coach to put you in. Remember that time you ate ice cream for dinner and Dad said, “Don’t tell Mom”?  Or when he convinced Mom to let you play rugby and made up a Dad and Me day so she wouldn’t know you got that concussion?  Who was there when you needed stitches at the end of the season?  Well, Dad was, because blood makes Mom a little woozy.  Who gave you an extra $20 for the movies, prom, your first date, etc.

Yeah.  Dad.   He’s great.

That’s why you’re going to give him a Beef Jerky tasting picnic for Father’s Day.   Hear us out, you might like this idea…

Dad’s Day Tasting Picnic

First, come in or go online and get dad the Jerky By Art Variety Pack..  It includes 2 ounce bags of Salt & Pepper, Red Chile, Green Chile, Green & Garlic, Garlic, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Tabasco Pepper.Next you’re going to need one of those small veggie trays at the supermarket.  Try to get one with ranch dressing.  If you’re old enough to drink you might need a six pack.  No more than that because someone has to drive home safely.

So, food is done.

Next you’ll need a blanket or tablecloth.  Now this is important:  Do NOT take Mom’s favorite.   No need to ruin the day for Dad by having Mom yelling that you ruined her favorite blanket or tablecloth.  You’re also going to need some plates and napkins.  If you get paper ones, be sure to pick up after yourself at the park.

Oh, yeah, you’ll need a park to go to for your picnic.  Pick out a nice one with grass and shade.

Dad Day Family PicnicNow for the tasting.   Write the name of each jerky flavor on the bottom of the plate, or if you’re using real plates, try a sticky note.  Do this for each flavor, and put the corresponding flavor on the plate.   Don’t tell your dad which is which and then have him guess, have him tell you his favorite, etc.

Be silly, have fun.  Tell dad he has to take a vegetable and dip it in the ranch sauce between tastings to cleanse his palate.  Double dog dare him to dip some jerky in the ranch and eat it.  Come up with your favorite combo, maybe it’s garlic jerky with a tomato and ranch all in one bite.

So you see our point is to not just give dad the most delicious treat on earth, um, jerky, on Father’s Day,  but give him an experience to remember.



How Jerky By Art is Going to Save Your Summer

summer lakeMemorial Day is right around the corner, the unofficial start of summer.  Time to be more active, the kids are home from school, trips and visits and more.   Jerky By Art is going to save your summer.

5 Tips for Saving Summer with Jerky By Art

Summer School, Day Camp

The kids! After a whole school year of making lunches, now it’s summer and lunches and snacks are needed for summer activities.  Day camp, summer school, or even if Nana is staying with the kids while you’re at work, you still need some healthy snacks for the kids.   Don’t let the warm days let you slip into sugary treats for the kids.  Combat the ice cream, popsicles and slushies with some good protein snacks.  Of course you’ll want the healthiest one, so try our Natural Beef Jerky with no salt or preservatives.   Shop Natural Beef Jerky.  


Heading out to the lake?  Space is limited.  Not only on the boat, but in that cooler.   Why not take a snack that’s healthy, full of protein and doesn’t have to be packed in the cooler?   That way you can save all that room in there for the “grown up drinks”.  Speaking of beer, wine and spirits, did you know that protein is a great way to battle a hangover.   Perk yourself up the next morning with our Jalepeno Jerky.

summer bbq pictureBackyard BBQ

How many times have you been the chef and not able to eat?   You know, you’re manning the grill and cooking up those burgers and dogs, and next thing you know everyone’s done eating and you haven’t had a bite.  Never fear.  Keep a bag of our jerky by the grill to snack on and curb your appetite while grilling.   We recommend some good ole fashioned jerky for this task.   Shop Old Fashioned Beef Jerky


Going to visit family out of state?  Viiting some new locale?   Take a little bit of Albuquerque with you.  Your family will love sampling foods from our locale. We suggest green chile jerky to tempt them with.    Shop Green Chile Beef Jerky   Plus, our jerky fits easily into a suitcase or carry on.  No liquids or liquidy food can get past security.  But jerky is fine!   And if you’re extra worried about the 3 ounce rule, then by all means, pack our turkey jerky available in 3 ounce packs!  Shop Turkey Jerky 

Need some help figuring out how to pack snacks for an airline trip?  Check out this blog.

Festivals, Concerts, Zoo and More!

Going to see a band in the park?  Packing snacks for the Zoo?  Don’t forget just how portable our Beef Jerky is!  And low fat!   With all the summer nights where you’ll be watching outdoor shows and movies and concerts, we suggest stocking up by getting our Variety Pack. The Variety pack includes 2 Ounce bags of Salt & Pepper, Red Chile, Green Chile, Green & Garlic, Garlic, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Tabasco Pepper.  Something for everyone! Shop Variety Pack.

Don’t have any of these planned this summer?   Here’s a list of great activities for you from the Albuquerque Visitors and Convention Center.   Summer Activities

And don’t forget the dog!   Jerky By Art is proud to make natural and healthy dog jerky too!   Shop JBA Dog Jerky Treats