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Hitting a Slump? We Got This.

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about keeping healthy and how jerky can help.  Since it’s April, you might be hitting a slump in your workout and finding it hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Don’t quit now!  We’ve got some help for you.

hitting a slump need carne secaIs this what you look like driving to the gym in the morning?

Doing some research for you, we’ve found that the best way to stop a slump in your work out is to change it up.

Add something new to your work out by trying a new machine, taking a new class or even taking a break from the gym and hitting a yoga studio.  By trying something new, you’re not just changing your work out but also your attitude.  Something new stimulates your brains, works different muscles, and can be fun!

Another way to change it up is to change up your pre- and post- work out food.  If you are eating tuna and crackers every day for weeks and months because it’s easy to pack, we suggesting giving our jerky a try.   High in protein, low carbs, makes jerky a perfect portable snack to take to the gym.   And we have so many flavors, you shouldn’t get bored.

To ensure that you don’t; we’ve added a new jerky to our repetoire.  Turkey! We’ve had requests to be even leaner, and we’ve answered the call.  Now we have Turkey Jerky available at our stores.  You can purchase it online as well.  (Click the icon below to order).

turkey jerky label

The Midday Slump

Some people hit a wall midway in the afternoon from having a big lunch.  Experts say to stay away from the candy and chips.  They recommend instead to:  drink some water and have a protein snack that’s, also low in carbs.

Of course, being who we are, we encourage you to have some of our delicious Jerky By Art.  If you still need to curb that sweet tooth in the late afternoon, try one of our teriyaki flavors.   Craving a salty snack, we’ve got you covered with our Salt and Pepper Jerky.

If it was up to us, we’d have you eating jerky all day long.  We know that may not be feasible.   But we hope if you’re staying healthy or simply trying to stay awake, that you give us a try today!

How to Catch A Leprechaun

What do leprechauns have to do with beef jerky?

We’ve got to be honest, we racked our brains trying to find a way to tie Saint Patrick’s Day in with beef jerky, and, well, we just couldn’t do it.  And I think you’ll thank us for NOT making our jerky green for the occassion!

We suggest instead that you grab a bag of your favorite Jerky by Art flavor and read our blog.  About leprechauns.  If you can’t decide what flavor, we suggest  GREEN chile.  Naturally.

 Information on Leprechauns

leprechaun2Leprechauns are part of the fairy world.  They are short older men (about 2 feet tall) and actually have a real job.   Leprechauns are cobblers.  They make shoes!  Being part of the fairy world, the leprechaun has magical powers.   The powers allow them to disappear out of sight if your eyes are turned.  If you keep your eyes on a leprechaun, he can’t leave you.  Look away, and POOF!  He’s gone. Because they are magical, leprechauns can live for hundreds of years.

The older the leprechaun, the wiser he is and the more gold he has.  An older leprechaun is also trickier, having tricked so many out of their gold, rather than giving up his own.  All of them are great conversationalists.  This can lure you into telling them where your gold is hidden, so beware!

Leprechauns like clover, rainbows and food, but what they love is gold.   Each leprechaun has his own pot of gold that the hides at the end of a rainbow.  If you catch a leprechaun, you can take his gold pot, and he has the magical powers to grant your three wishes.  Choose wisely, because leprechauns are clever little fellows and it’s their job to trick you into losing your gold to them.  They are smart and talkative.  They have a habit of being very literal when granting your wishes, so the old adage applies, “Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true!”  Once the wishes are granted he will disappear.

Leprechaun Trap

leprechaun's pot of gold coinsSo a fun Irish tradition on St Patty’s Day is to make a leprechaun trap. You make a trap to catch them, you use their favorite things to lure them in.   Once caught, TA DA!  You get your gold and wishes.

Here’s a popular trap that should work for you.

Get a box and cut a hole out of the top. You’ll want to decorate the box to lure in your leprechaun.  Try green, and a rainbow.    You’ll need to hide that hole you made for your trap.  So cover it with four strips of paper that cover but do not connect.   This way when the leprechaun stands over the hole, he drops right into your trap.  Post It notes work well because they can adhere to the box and come in all sorts of colors, including, green.

You’ll need to lure him to the spot where he falls into your trap.   Remember that leprechauns like shamrocks, food and gold.  Some smart humans have caught their leprechauns by painting rocks gold to fool the leprechauns.  You might want to give that a try.  Don’t forget a ladder, he has to climb up that box somehow, so be sure to help him out.

Then you just wait.  Once the trap is spring, look inside for your leprechaun.

Get inspired!  Here’s a link to some fun leprechaun traps: Leprechaun Trap Photo Gallery

Here’s a story about a man making a leprechaun trap: The Leprechaun Trap

If you need some energy to keep your focus while crafting your trap, make sure you have some Jerky by Art on hand for a low fat snack.  Since your leprechaun is going to need to eat, why not share some with him?   Once caught he might get hungry in that trap waiting for you to discover him.

Jerky Valentine Gift Guide

Chile pepper Valentine heartThis Valentine’s Day, give your beefcake some beef.   Seriously.  He takes you to a nice dinner, maybe chocolates and jewelry is involved and most definitely a card.   He might even hope to get lucky with a little purchase from Victoria’s Secret.

And you only got him a card.  (Unless you also thanked him in some other way).

But seriously.  Doesn’t he deserve something he loves on Valentine’s Day?  Besides some sexy time?  Your Valentine needs some beef.

So we developed an easy Valentine Beef Jerky Gift Guide for you.  Just see what kind of guy he is and you can purchase the appropriate jerky.  Easy peasy.

Valentine Gift Guide

Does he like it hot?

hot sauce bottleTurn up the heat with some our Tabasco Pepper jerky.   We also have habenero, jalapeno and good old green chile flavors.  Spicy peppers have been known to increase your mood, and in some cases put you “in the mood”.

Click the icon to order Tabasco and Pepper now for your man!



Is he a sweetie pie?

Orange TeriyakiTry one of our teriyaki jerkies to let him know you appreciate his sweetness.  We suggest the orange teriyaki.  Orange has been known to wake you up and just might be the thing you need after that big dinner food coma you are in.  If he falls asleep watching a RomCom with you, open up that orange teriyaki and get his engine going again.

Click on the icon to order.


Is he a steady Eddie?

Natural meat stamp carne seca

Is he old fashioned, dependable, and likes simple things?   We suggest he’d like our more traditional flavors, like our Natural, Salt and Pepper or Old Fashioned flavors.  The high protein and low fat in beef jerky helps build muscle and stamina, so he can be your steady for a long time.

Click on the icon to order our Natural beef jerky


Is he New Mexican through and through?

A funny picture of a cactus in sombrero with a guitar in his hands

Your proud New Mexican man needs his chile, am I right?  Green chile, red chile, Christmas all staples of any New Mexican gift.  Why don’t you surprise him with a little twist?  Try some green chile garlic or green chile lemon.  Chile peppers have been known to get you in the mood, and a little lemon will perk him up a bit.

Click on the icon to order Green Chile Lemon..

Keep Your Resolution with Jerky

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get healthy, lose weight, get toned?  Looking forward to a new regimen of boxing?  Weight lifting?  Or just getting back to the gym?

New Years Resolution back to the gymGetting healthy doesn’t just mean working out and eating less, it’s eating healthy.  When you work out, you need carbohydrates and protein both before and after your trip to the gym.

If you work out in the morning, it might be easy to down breakfast and get to the gym, but what about after your work out?  What are you going to do?  Stop at fast food before work?  After a work out your body needs protein and fast digesting protein to ensure that your body doesn’t use it’s own muscle tissue for energy.

Conversely, if you leave work for the gym, and plan on eating dinner afterwards, what do you snack on before you start burning those calories?  Eating protein before a work out helps rebuild muscle fibers and can help with muscle soreness.

Reach your Resolution Goals

post work out jerky treat new year resolutionThis is where we can help you.  Beef jerky is delicious and a great source of protein for energy.  We recommend our natural flavor to get the most protein and little of anything else.  Because it’s dried, the jerky lasts longer, no refrigeration needed, and is portable.  There’s no pre-planning involved.  No need to pre-pack a snack in tupperware, just tuck a bag of Jerky By Art in your pocket and off you go.  No insulated lunch pack needed.

With different flavors, you’ll never get bored with your pre- and post workout jerky, helping to you stay on track and achieve your resolution goals.

Not Just for the Gym

Any exercise will work those muscles and you’ll still need protein to help with the soreness and to rebuild those muscles.  Jerky By Art can go anywhere with you, whether it’s snowboarding in Taos, hiking at Tent Rocks, or biking through the Sandias.

While you’re working through your resolution to get fit, we can be with you every step of the way.  When the weather turns warm again, take us with you as you go rock climbing.  We’re pretty tasty on the golf course too.

And of course, if you don’t have a resolution for this year of getting fit, Jerky by Art is still a great snack for any reason!

Christmas in New Mexico

Christmas in New Mexico

Christmas Eve LuminariasChristmas in New Mexico could be a snowy white Christmas or a bright sunny day, but it’s always beautiful.  From traditional adobe homes decorated with luminarias to more modern stucco and twinkle lights the season is festive.  Families get together to share a meal – typically Abuelita’s tamales – and maybe some egg nog or stornger spirits. Most Christmas traditions include a trip to the church as well or a luminaria tour around Old Town or the Plaza

Decorations might include chile ristras or even red chile lights.  And often as you walk around our cities the smell of cedar burning in fireplaces to keep everyone warm.  If you’d like to learn more about Christmas in New Mexico, or plan a trip to visit us, here’s a link to our tourism site.

Christmas, is also the answer to our State Question – Red or Green?  We’re known for our red and green chile – usually grown in Hatch, NM.  The question refers to how you would like to order your food, burritos, relleno’s, heuvo rancheros, or even your cheeseburger.   Would you like red or green chile on that?   The best answer is “Christmas” meaning both.  And in New Mexico we put red and green chile on everything.   EVERYTHING.

XMASOf course any self respecting beef jerky company in New Mexico has got to offer Christmas as an option.  Jerky by Art is no exception!  Our organic local jerky infused with the best flavors of New Mexico, both red and green chile. The red chile gives a sharp heat, while the green offers a robust warm flavor. If you’d like to order some, click the wreath and get started.



Just in time for Christmas

Variety PackWe’d like to thank all of those who entered our Cyber Monday giveaway.  We appreciate the new sign ups to our email newsletter and the orders you purchased.   We’re happy to announce that Judy Goldie is our winner! Judy is getting a Jerky By Art Variety Pack shipped right to her door!  Just in time to give her energy for getting through her holiday shopping list.

If you weren’t a winner, but have to have the Variety Pack right now, click the picture and start ordering!  The Variety Pack is our biggest seller in December, so we’re making sure there is plenty in stock.

How to Give Beef Jerky for the Holidays

I’m sure we all know a guy that loves, truly LOVES, beef jerky.  And of course you’re going to get him one of Jerky By Art’s famous Variety Packs for the holidays.   Of course.  But there are more reasons to give that you should consider.

Family Coming in for Thanksgiving / Christmas

brattykidsYour sister and brother in law are bringing three little brats, um three little darlings, with them to Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner and they’re all staying with you. These kids eat you out of house and home and never agree on the same snack.  AH HA!   Jerky By Art’s Variety Pack ought to do the trick.

What to Get the Team for the Holidays

You’re the big boss, and the sub-contractors or sales team expect goodies in the break room.  Everyone can send cookies or fruitcake.  And sure, those people sending the fruit baskets have the right intentions, but what’s going to get eaten first?  That’s right, the yummy goodness that is our variety pack!

The Guy Who Has Everything

You know the type.  He’s already got newest gadgets, he was at the grand opening of the newest posh restaurant, and his watch is a phone.  But does he have the Jerky By Art Variety Pack?   One of the flavors is bound to be one he hasn’t tried yet.

Tipping Service People

trainerThe mailman, your hairstylist, your trainer, the cleaning lady, and the shoe shine guy.  You’re probably going to put a little something in an envolope for them.  Why not really make their day?  Buy our variety pack and give them each a bag with that envolope!  Now that’s a holiday bonus!

The Dieters, The Work-out Freaks, and Picky Eaters

You know the type.  Every restaurant order comes with stuff on the side, or substitutions.  Hey, you know what?  Jerky is low fat and high protein!   That fits on most diets and is a great snack to give you energy during a work out.  And surely with eight different flavors, you’re picky eater will find something they like in our variety pack.

The “Oh I Don’t Need Anything” Person

What do you get them for the holidays?  They don’t need anything.  But you know, EVERYONE needs to eat.  And what is more delicious than beef jerky?  If you don’t know their favorite flavor, the Variety Pack is just the thing!

The Troops

militaryYour loved one is in the military and won’t be home for the holidays.  Beef jerky is a great thing to send them.  It has a long shelf life, easy to ship, a variety of flavors, and reminds them that you care.  In addition to that, jerky is a great snack for military types, it’s easy to carry with them, and has important proteins to build up their energy.

Jerky by Art has been sending jerky to the troops for years.  If you want to support the troops even if you don’t have a loved one to send a care package, just stop in and we’ll be happy to help you send some delicious snacks to those in uniform.


C’mon.  Everybody does it.  You buy two gifts for them, and one for yourself.   Don’t forget to pick up some for yourself!

Want to save a trip?  Order our Variety Pack online!  Click the picture below to order.

Herb and spice selection over old oak wood background.

Special Flavor: Orange Teriyaki

orange zest for orange teriyaki

So popular, we’ve run out!!!!   Orange Teriyaki will be back in Santa Fe by Monday October 19th!

Come in and try our new flavor:  Orange Teriyaki!  Where the East meets the Wild West!

We’ve created this flavor in honor of our fourth store opening in Santa Fe.  The response has been so good, we’ve decided to make Orange Teriyaki a permanent flavor!

Our new flavor, like all our jerky, is a great way to eat clean with good taste.   Our jerky has no nitrates or preservatives  

Plus being low fat and a good source of protein, our jerky makes for a great healthy energy snack.   With less ingredients and real beef, our jerky lets the true flavors come through.

Orange Teriyaki

One of our sweet jerkies, the Orange Teriyaki mixes a pop of citrus in with traditional Japanese teriyaki sauce for a unique delicious taste.  If you’re not familiar with gourmet jerkies, the more you chew, the more the flavor comes out.  The sweet and citrus undertones in our jerky will make you a fan, bite after scrumptious bite.  Sweet and zesty, it’s easy to see how our Orange Teriyaki became popular so fast it’s now a permanent flavor in our store.

Want to purchase some?  Click the Icon to the left.Orange Teriyaki



Santa Fe Location

We’re so excited to announce our fourth store now open in Santa Fe!  Visit us at:

2107 Cerrillos Road


We felt the occassion was worth adding a new flavor to our menu of jerkies and we think you’ll agree.   We’re excited to bring our jerky to Santa Fe and can’t wait to be part of the commuity.  We felt as a New Mexico jerky, Santa Fe, our state capital, was the next logical place to be.

Santa Fe joins our other stores located in Albuquerque, Bosque Farms, and Rio Rancho.

We invite you to try our Orange Teriyaki beef jerky or any of our flavors.  Stop in and say Hello!


History of Jerky

Jerky Was Called Ch’arki

Did you know that jerky was made by a South American tribe called the Quechua?  They were taking the meat from llamas and alpaca, cutting off the fat, cutting it into strips, rubbing salt in it and sun drying or smoking the meat.  They found it to be useful in preserving the meat to eat later.  Until then, any meat had to be consumed immediately to stop it from spoiling.  It’s estimated that the Quechua were making jerky – or as they called Ch’arki –  as early as the 1500’s.   Spanish explorers discovered this Incan tribe and quickly adopted the art of drying the meat, as it was useful for travel.

Pemmican meat drying

Drying meat for Pemmican in the 1880’s. Found on

As they traveled into North America, they found the Cree Indians were also drying meat, buffalo, elk and deer, that they called Pemmican.  Pemmican was jerky pounded into smaller pieces and mixed with other food – whatever was available, like cranberries, etc.  (The original trail mix perhaps?),

People soon learned that mixing the meat with different spices could make different flavors and quickly jerky became a staple food for pioneers, trappers, cowboys, and more. Jerky reached its height of popularity during the expansion into North America, where traders and explorers prized it as an essential source of nutrition as they traveled to new areas with limited accessibility to fresh foods along the way. Jerky also allowed them to use all the meat from a hunt, making it last longer.  Jerky was made then from almost any meat.

Now we use many ways to preserve our meat, refrigeration, freezing, and preservatives, but jerky remains a favorite snack.  The long shelf life makes it great for camping and road trips or even family preparedness.  It’s a healthy snack, great for athletes, as it is low fat, low carbohydrates and high in protein.


Welcome to BJB: Beef Jerky Blog

Spicy Beef Jerky on vintage wooden background (close-up shot)

We can’t help it we think about beef, spices, and beef jerky, ALL THE TIME.   This page is currently under construction but you will see our blog posts on this page.

We’ll share all kinds of things with you.  Like how we flavor our jerky, what flavor combinations are weird but for some reason come through as delicious on your tongue, and we’ll talk about why people like beef jerky.   We promise lots of beef, chile, pepper, garlic, onion and more!

Beef Jerky :

Definition:   Beef that has been cured by being cut into long, thin strips and dried.

Jerky By Art:

Definition:  meat that has been sliced, sometimes marinated, spiced up and dried. Jerky by Art is addictive, delicious and is a healthy snack that packs a protein punch.

Alternative definition:  So good it’s like candy.

Deliciousness at Jerky by Art comes from the many options in seasoning, the quality of our beef, and our dedication to bringing you a great product on a consistent basis.

Jerky By Art, three locations or order online.  Albuquerque’s largest beef jerky retailer.  Adding a new location soon. We plan to take over the state, one city at a time, one piece of beef jerky at a time!!