Jerky: Protein for Cyclists and Runners

runner-888016_640Weight lifting, cross fit, MMA, all these types of work outs know that beef is a good source of protein.

But cyclists and Runners tend to lean towards fish and milk.  The reason given is that a big ole juicy steak comes along with fat.  So what’s a cyclist to do when you’re craving beef?

Give beef jerky a try. One of the great things about making jerky is that the fat literally falls away! If you’re tired of cereal and milk, a big glass of milk, broiled fish, and want to sink your teeth into some protein, beef jerky can do the trick.  Plus with so many flavors, it’s unlikely that you’ll get tired of it.  A purist?  We have plain Natural jerky and Old Fashioned jerky.

canstockphoto0133419Running a 10k or marathon?  Doing a cycling touring race?  Your muscles need 10 – 20 grams of protein within 30 minutes of crossing that finish line.  Not sure you can make it to the hospitality tent?   Or maybe you’re training and the only thing at the end of the run, is your car.  One of the best things about jerky is it’s portable.  You won’t be carrying around a salmon steak.  Milk will curdle in your car while you’re racing.  Pop in a few bites of your favorite jerky and those muscles can start repairing.  Now, rather than later.

Cyclists and Runners:  Shake up your routine a bit.  Add pure protein, flavorful protein, fat free protein with Jerky By Art  beef jerky.

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