Dad and Jerky on Father’s Day

We think it’s pretty much a given that dads like beef jerky.   With Father’s Day coming up Sunday June 19th, you should probably get some online, or stop in the store.   But is that really all you want to do for your dad is give him the most delicious treat imaginable (in our humble opinion)?

canstockphoto22103843C’mon, this guy taught you to catch, let you paint his toenails, sat at your tea parties and little league games.  He watched all the soccer games and yelled at the coach to put you in. Remember that time you ate ice cream for dinner and Dad said, “Don’t tell Mom”?  Or when he convinced Mom to let you play rugby and made up a Dad and Me day so she wouldn’t know you got that concussion?  Who was there when you needed stitches at the end of the season?  Well, Dad was, because blood makes Mom a little woozy.  Who gave you an extra $20 for the movies, prom, your first date, etc.

Yeah.  Dad.   He’s great.

That’s why you’re going to give him a Beef Jerky tasting picnic for Father’s Day.   Hear us out, you might like this idea…

Dad’s Day Tasting Picnic

First, come in or go online and get dad the Jerky By Art Variety Pack..  It includes 2 ounce bags of Salt & Pepper, Red Chile, Green Chile, Green & Garlic, Garlic, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Tabasco Pepper.Next you’re going to need one of those small veggie trays at the supermarket.  Try to get one with ranch dressing.  If you’re old enough to drink you might need a six pack.  No more than that because someone has to drive home safely.

So, food is done.

Next you’ll need a blanket or tablecloth.  Now this is important:  Do NOT take Mom’s favorite.   No need to ruin the day for Dad by having Mom yelling that you ruined her favorite blanket or tablecloth.  You’re also going to need some plates and napkins.  If you get paper ones, be sure to pick up after yourself at the park.

Oh, yeah, you’ll need a park to go to for your picnic.  Pick out a nice one with grass and shade.

Dad Day Family PicnicNow for the tasting.   Write the name of each jerky flavor on the bottom of the plate, or if you’re using real plates, try a sticky note.  Do this for each flavor, and put the corresponding flavor on the plate.   Don’t tell your dad which is which and then have him guess, have him tell you his favorite, etc.

Be silly, have fun.  Tell dad he has to take a vegetable and dip it in the ranch sauce between tastings to cleanse his palate.  Double dog dare him to dip some jerky in the ranch and eat it.  Come up with your favorite combo, maybe it’s garlic jerky with a tomato and ranch all in one bite.

So you see our point is to not just give dad the most delicious treat on earth, um, jerky, on Father’s Day,  but give him an experience to remember.



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