Hitting a Slump? We Got This.

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about keeping healthy and how jerky can help.  Since it’s April, you might be hitting a slump in your workout and finding it hard to keep those New Year’s resolutions. Don’t quit now!  We’ve got some help for you.

hitting a slump need carne secaIs this what you look like driving to the gym in the morning?

Doing some research for you, we’ve found that the best way to stop a slump in your work out is to change it up.

Add something new to your work out by trying a new machine, taking a new class or even taking a break from the gym and hitting a yoga studio.  By trying something new, you’re not just changing your work out but also your attitude.  Something new stimulates your brains, works different muscles, and can be fun!

Another way to change it up is to change up your pre- and post- work out food.  If you are eating tuna and crackers every day for weeks and months because it’s easy to pack, we suggesting giving our jerky a try.   High in protein, low carbs, makes jerky a perfect portable snack to take to the gym.   And we have so many flavors, you shouldn’t get bored.

To ensure that you don’t; we’ve added a new jerky to our repetoire.  Turkey! We’ve had requests to be even leaner, and we’ve answered the call.  Now we have Turkey Jerky available at our stores.  You can purchase it online as well.  (Click the icon below to order).

turkey jerky label

The Midday Slump

Some people hit a wall midway in the afternoon from having a big lunch.  Experts say to stay away from the candy and chips.  They recommend instead to:  drink some water and have a protein snack that’s, also low in carbs.

Of course, being who we are, we encourage you to have some of our delicious Jerky By Art.  If you still need to curb that sweet tooth in the late afternoon, try one of our teriyaki flavors.   Craving a salty snack, we’ve got you covered with our Salt and Pepper Jerky.

If it was up to us, we’d have you eating jerky all day long.  We know that may not be feasible.   But we hope if you’re staying healthy or simply trying to stay awake, that you give us a try today!

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