How to Give Beef Jerky for the Holidays

I’m sure we all know a guy that loves, truly LOVES, beef jerky.  And of course you’re going to get him one of Jerky By Art’s famous Variety Packs for the holidays.   Of course.  But there are more reasons to give that you should consider.

Family Coming in for Thanksgiving / Christmas

brattykidsYour sister and brother in law are bringing three little brats, um three little darlings, with them to Grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner and they’re all staying with you. These kids eat you out of house and home and never agree on the same snack.  AH HA!   Jerky By Art’s Variety Pack ought to do the trick.

What to Get the Team for the Holidays

You’re the big boss, and the sub-contractors or sales team expect goodies in the break room.  Everyone can send cookies or fruitcake.  And sure, those people sending the fruit baskets have the right intentions, but what’s going to get eaten first?  That’s right, the yummy goodness that is our variety pack!

The Guy Who Has Everything

You know the type.  He’s already got newest gadgets, he was at the grand opening of the newest posh restaurant, and his watch is a phone.  But does he have the Jerky By Art Variety Pack?   One of the flavors is bound to be one he hasn’t tried yet.

Tipping Service People

trainerThe mailman, your hairstylist, your trainer, the cleaning lady, and the shoe shine guy.  You’re probably going to put a little something in an envolope for them.  Why not really make their day?  Buy our variety pack and give them each a bag with that envolope!  Now that’s a holiday bonus!

The Dieters, The Work-out Freaks, and Picky Eaters

You know the type.  Every restaurant order comes with stuff on the side, or substitutions.  Hey, you know what?  Jerky is low fat and high protein!   That fits on most diets and is a great snack to give you energy during a work out.  And surely with eight different flavors, you’re picky eater will find something they like in our variety pack.

The “Oh I Don’t Need Anything” Person

What do you get them for the holidays?  They don’t need anything.  But you know, EVERYONE needs to eat.  And what is more delicious than beef jerky?  If you don’t know their favorite flavor, the Variety Pack is just the thing!

The Troops

militaryYour loved one is in the military and won’t be home for the holidays.  Beef jerky is a great thing to send them.  It has a long shelf life, easy to ship, a variety of flavors, and reminds them that you care.  In addition to that, jerky is a great snack for military types, it’s easy to carry with them, and has important proteins to build up their energy.

Jerky by Art has been sending jerky to the troops for years.  If you want to support the troops even if you don’t have a loved one to send a care package, just stop in and we’ll be happy to help you send some delicious snacks to those in uniform.


C’mon.  Everybody does it.  You buy two gifts for them, and one for yourself.   Don’t forget to pick up some for yourself!

Want to save a trip?  Order our Variety Pack online!  Click the picture below to order.

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