How Jerky By Art is Going to Save Your Summer

summer lakeMemorial Day is right around the corner, the unofficial start of summer.  Time to be more active, the kids are home from school, trips and visits and more.   Jerky By Art is going to save your summer.

5 Tips for Saving Summer with Jerky By Art

Summer School, Day Camp

The kids! After a whole school year of making lunches, now it’s summer and lunches and snacks are needed for summer activities.  Day camp, summer school, or even if Nana is staying with the kids while you’re at work, you still need some healthy snacks for the kids.   Don’t let the warm days let you slip into sugary treats for the kids.  Combat the ice cream, popsicles and slushies with some good protein snacks.  Of course you’ll want the healthiest one, so try our Natural Beef Jerky with no salt or preservatives.   Shop Natural Beef Jerky.  


Heading out to the lake?  Space is limited.  Not only on the boat, but in that cooler.   Why not take a snack that’s healthy, full of protein and doesn’t have to be packed in the cooler?   That way you can save all that room in there for the “grown up drinks”.  Speaking of beer, wine and spirits, did you know that protein is a great way to battle a hangover.   Perk yourself up the next morning with our Jalepeno Jerky.

summer bbq pictureBackyard BBQ

How many times have you been the chef and not able to eat?   You know, you’re manning the grill and cooking up those burgers and dogs, and next thing you know everyone’s done eating and you haven’t had a bite.  Never fear.  Keep a bag of our jerky by the grill to snack on and curb your appetite while grilling.   We recommend some good ole fashioned jerky for this task.   Shop Old Fashioned Beef Jerky


Going to visit family out of state?  Viiting some new locale?   Take a little bit of Albuquerque with you.  Your family will love sampling foods from our locale. We suggest green chile jerky to tempt them with.    Shop Green Chile Beef Jerky   Plus, our jerky fits easily into a suitcase or carry on.  No liquids or liquidy food can get past security.  But jerky is fine!   And if you’re extra worried about the 3 ounce rule, then by all means, pack our turkey jerky available in 3 ounce packs!  Shop Turkey Jerky 

Need some help figuring out how to pack snacks for an airline trip?  Check out this blog.

Festivals, Concerts, Zoo and More!

Going to see a band in the park?  Packing snacks for the Zoo?  Don’t forget just how portable our Beef Jerky is!  And low fat!   With all the summer nights where you’ll be watching outdoor shows and movies and concerts, we suggest stocking up by getting our Variety Pack. The Variety pack includes 2 Ounce bags of Salt & Pepper, Red Chile, Green Chile, Green & Garlic, Garlic, Jalapeno, Habanero, and Tabasco Pepper.  Something for everyone! Shop Variety Pack.

Don’t have any of these planned this summer?   Here’s a list of great activities for you from the Albuquerque Visitors and Convention Center.   Summer Activities

And don’t forget the dog!   Jerky By Art is proud to make natural and healthy dog jerky too!   Shop JBA Dog Jerky Treats


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