Jerky Valentine Gift Guide

Chile pepper Valentine heartThis Valentine’s Day, give your beefcake some beef.   Seriously.  He takes you to a nice dinner, maybe chocolates and jewelry is involved and most definitely a card.   He might even hope to get lucky with a little purchase from Victoria’s Secret.

And you only got him a card.  (Unless you also thanked him in some other way).

But seriously.  Doesn’t he deserve something he loves on Valentine’s Day?  Besides some sexy time?  Your Valentine needs some beef.

So we developed an easy Valentine Beef Jerky Gift Guide for you.  Just see what kind of guy he is and you can purchase the appropriate jerky.  Easy peasy.

Valentine Gift Guide

Does he like it hot?

hot sauce bottleTurn up the heat with some our Tabasco Pepper jerky.   We also have habenero, jalapeno and good old green chile flavors.  Spicy peppers have been known to increase your mood, and in some cases put you “in the mood”.

Click the icon to order Tabasco and Pepper now for your man!



Is he a sweetie pie?

Orange TeriyakiTry one of our teriyaki jerkies to let him know you appreciate his sweetness.  We suggest the orange teriyaki.  Orange has been known to wake you up and just might be the thing you need after that big dinner food coma you are in.  If he falls asleep watching a RomCom with you, open up that orange teriyaki and get his engine going again.

Click on the icon to order.


Is he a steady Eddie?

Natural meat stamp carne seca

Is he old fashioned, dependable, and likes simple things?   We suggest he’d like our more traditional flavors, like our Natural, Salt and Pepper or Old Fashioned flavors.  The high protein and low fat in beef jerky helps build muscle and stamina, so he can be your steady for a long time.

Click on the icon to order our Natural beef jerky


Is he New Mexican through and through?

A funny picture of a cactus in sombrero with a guitar in his hands

Your proud New Mexican man needs his chile, am I right?  Green chile, red chile, Christmas all staples of any New Mexican gift.  Why don’t you surprise him with a little twist?  Try some green chile garlic or green chile lemon.  Chile peppers have been known to get you in the mood, and a little lemon will perk him up a bit.

Click on the icon to order Green Chile Lemon..

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