Keep Your Resolution with Jerky

Is your New Year’s Resolution to get healthy, lose weight, get toned?  Looking forward to a new regimen of boxing?  Weight lifting?  Or just getting back to the gym?

New Years Resolution back to the gymGetting healthy doesn’t just mean working out and eating less, it’s eating healthy.  When you work out, you need carbohydrates and protein both before and after your trip to the gym.

If you work out in the morning, it might be easy to down breakfast and get to the gym, but what about after your work out?  What are you going to do?  Stop at fast food before work?  After a work out your body needs protein and fast digesting protein to ensure that your body doesn’t use it’s own muscle tissue for energy.

Conversely, if you leave work for the gym, and plan on eating dinner afterwards, what do you snack on before you start burning those calories?  Eating protein before a work out helps rebuild muscle fibers and can help with muscle soreness.

Reach your Resolution Goals

post work out jerky treat new year resolutionThis is where we can help you.  Beef jerky is delicious and a great source of protein for energy.  We recommend our natural flavor to get the most protein and little of anything else.  Because it’s dried, the jerky lasts longer, no refrigeration needed, and is portable.  There’s no pre-planning involved.  No need to pre-pack a snack in tupperware, just tuck a bag of Jerky By Art in your pocket and off you go.  No insulated lunch pack needed.

With different flavors, you’ll never get bored with your pre- and post workout jerky, helping to you stay on track and achieve your resolution goals.

Not Just for the Gym

Any exercise will work those muscles and you’ll still need protein to help with the soreness and to rebuild those muscles.  Jerky By Art can go anywhere with you, whether it’s snowboarding in Taos, hiking at Tent Rocks, or biking through the Sandias.

While you’re working through your resolution to get fit, we can be with you every step of the way.  When the weather turns warm again, take us with you as you go rock climbing.  We’re pretty tasty on the golf course too.

And of course, if you don’t have a resolution for this year of getting fit, Jerky by Art is still a great snack for any reason!

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