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Our Troops Need New Mexico Jerky!

When a family came in to send a beef jerky care package to their son serving in the military in Iraq, Art knew he had to do something.   And so Jerky by Art started out in March 2003 by sending care packages to troops in combat zones.

“I do it for them, because they need something from back home. To let them know we’re still thinking about them”  Art said about why he sends troops care packages full of jerky.

Over the years, Jerky by Art has implemented several additional Care Package Programs in response to developing needs within the Military Community.  Not only do the care packages let our troops know that New Mexico is supporting them, the jerky itself is a good source of protein to keep our soldiers fueled up.  And of course the traditional flavors remind the troops of back home, making sure wherever they are stationed, that a little bit of New Mexico is there with them.

See a story below from our local news station that shows the troops giving a little something back.

Jerky is a great idea for care packages for our troops.  It has a three month shelf life and is high in protein, low in fat.  It’s an easy to eat snack that’s not messy, and can be eaten on the go.  Plus, it just tastes so GOOD!

If your New Mexican service man or woman needs a little home sent to them, come in and talk to us about how to be involved in a care package program or make sure you send them some Jerky by Art in the next bundle of home you send out to them yourselves.

We’re proud to support our troops and to help you support your family members serving in combat zones.


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