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Spicy Beef Jerky on vintage wooden background (close-up shot)

We can’t help it we think about beef, spices, and beef jerky, ALL THE TIME.   This page is currently under construction but you will see our blog posts on this page.

We’ll share all kinds of things with you.  Like how we flavor our jerky, what flavor combinations are weird but for some reason come through as delicious on your tongue, and we’ll talk about why people like beef jerky.   We promise lots of beef, chile, pepper, garlic, onion and more!

Beef Jerky :

Definition:   Beef that has been cured by being cut into long, thin strips and dried.

Jerky By Art:

Definition:  meat that has been sliced, sometimes marinated, spiced up and dried. Jerky by Art is addictive, delicious and is a healthy snack that packs a protein punch.

Alternative definition:  So good it’s like candy.

Deliciousness at Jerky by Art comes from the many options in seasoning, the quality of our beef, and our dedication to bringing you a great product on a consistent basis.

Jerky By Art, three locations or order online.  Albuquerque’s largest beef jerky retailer.  Adding a new location soon. We plan to take over the state, one city at a time, one piece of beef jerky at a time!!

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